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We have a "normal" American family of a Mom a Dad and two kids.  Nice house in the 'burbs, good public schools right down the street, and all the regular stuff that goes along with that.

Our second child came along about 10 years ago and my wife wanted one of us to stay home and take care of the kids.  My modestly successful career was topping out and, while it was still good, I didn't have a lot of growth left.  My wife on the other hand had just finished law school and was embarking on a career where she would earn a lot more money that I could.

With some arm twisting I agreed to effectively end my career and stay home with the kids.  This is when our rolls became completely reversed and I became the homemaker while my wife became the breadwinner.  My wife went off to work everyday and made the money to pay the bills.  It wasn't easy for her to bear the responsibility for holding down the only job that kept us going financially every month, but she got in there and did it without complaint.  It was up to me to keep the house clean, scrub the bathrooms, change the diapers, cook the meals, shuttle the kids around, and do the groceries.  A lot of guys say that I was soooo lucky (I was/am) and they would love to do the same thing (they have no idea).

That was 10 yeas ago.  I went back to work about 4 years ago and my wife changed to a better job about the same time.  She is still the main breadwinner and gets a lot of down time to herself since she does work so hard.  I have a very flexible job that allows me to take care of most of the kids needs during the week and I am still able to cook most of the meals.  We have hired a house keeper, but I still do a lot of house work to keep the house clean.  We are still in a total roll reversal, she works hard all day, comes home late and gets her down time.  I work hard too, but it's my responsibility to get the kids from school, help them with homework, get dinner on the table, and clean up afterward.  My wife does help with those chores too, but it is much like the way a traditional father pitches in to help out from time to time.

I feel really lucky to have a wife that can support our family in a very comfortable way and that she is okay with me not making a lot of money, but would rather have me take care of her and our kids as a first priority.  I feel very comfortable in my roll as a homemaker and lucky to have such a wonderful wife.  I should also mention that she is quite a looker, so much so that when my business associates meet her for the first time, I usually hear a comment about being one lucky guy...I am.

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Posted on 03:42PM on Jun 30th, 2009
good for you, i think for many of us men it is natural to let a woman lead us.
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